Design New eco operation Záměl

The proposed modifications of land belonging to the “New Záměl operation” of the Pleva family company are based on the client’s requirements to divide the areas according to the overall concept, purpose of use and interconnection within the company’s philosophy of producing bee products, cosmetics and food supplements. The complex is divided into several interrelated parts with the specifics of their focus, both the private part of the owners of the company with its registered office and their own company premises with facilities for research, processing, production, storage and distribution of products, congress facilities, technical facilities for gardeners and sets, followed by the public part with controlled traffic. The land will use existing buildings and roads or paths for exhibition and educational spaces, including the necessary facilities for visitors, as well as a water reservoir, which is located in the public part of the land. The remaining buildings located on the company’s part of the land will be demolished and subsequently new buildings will be built, related to the individual operations mentioned above, including research, teaching and international cooperation areas. On the private part of the land, the torso of the original villa will be demolished and the family home of the company’s owners will be built. Everything is designed in the spirit of the flow of energy in the area based on the hierarchy of the landscape monad of the territory and the overall philosophy of the company. In this context, it is necessary to ensure a number of local facts, incl. orientation and dimensioning of land, necessary to comply with the relevant energy-information, biological, architectural and horticultural principles associated with planting fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, herb beds, excursion patterns, herbaceous lawns (flowering meadows), road management, terrain modeling, small architecture and constructions related to the given technological procedures.