Landscaping design of the MŠ Březová – Oleško

The proposed modifications of land belonging to the garden of kindergarten Březová – Oleško, based on the requirements of the client to divide the areas according to the overall concept, purpose and interconnectedness of their parts suitable for kindergarten children (playing, physical education, educational, meditation, natural, aesthetic, architectural, ornamental, economic etc.) and design everything in the spirit of energy flow in the area based on the landscape monad of the area. The proposed terrain modeling, alternation of areas, path management, location and shaping of paved areas, play, educational and production corners, landscaping and small garden architecture, is based on the idea of ​​respecting energy information flows of the landscape monad and clearly anchor the overall architectural framework, ideological content and the purpose of the areas to be filled in the space. It will be a closed (fenced), fragmented, kindergarten plot divided into several sectors fulfilling the relevant functions and missions, which is related to the overall philosophy of understanding natural space with all its perceptual levels and interactions and common non-invasive coexistence. It will be necessary to naturally and non-violently connect the relevant biological, educational, sports-relaxation, utility, social, architectural, hygienic, horticultural, ecological, aesthetic and operational aspects of the school regime with higher values, universal laws and the spiritual hierarchy of the whole landscape. and the monads of the place – “genius loci”. The implementation will be staged (stage IV), when in the first stage of the solution the preparation and establishment of a hedge, the establishment of a flower bed and the planting of some woody plants in the entrance part and in the game part were carried out. V II. stage, and landscaping and modeling of the “sledge” will be carried out, the construction of the turtles) and part of the tree plantations in the game area. V III. The “Children’s Orchard” with cordons of fruit trees, paths, the “Summer Kitchen” at the “Summer Game Room” with an open fireplace and a garden kitchen will be established, as well as the planting of flower beds and trees in the game area. And IV. The “Summer Kitchen” with a podium for “little chefs”, the construction of the “Water World” with ponds, a dry polder, aquatic plants and a wooden auditorium with a bridge for “little observers” and the addition of the game element “Monkey Track” will be completed.