Design Ancestral eco farm Loučen

The proposed modifications of land belonging to the garden are based on the client’s requirements to divide the areas according to the overall concept, purpose of use and interconnection of their parts suitable for family needs in the form of production parts (vegetable, fruit and herbs for drying), natural parts using and drawing terrain modeling , water drainage and road network management and to design everything in the spirit of energy flow in the area based on the landscape monad of the area. In this context, it is necessary to ensure a number of local facts, incl. orientation and dimensioning of land, necessary to comply with the relevant energy-information, biological, architectural and horticultural principles associated with the planting of ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, perennials, medicinal herbs, grasslands, road management, terrain modeling, small architecture and farm buildings related processing of products (fruits, herbs, honey, etc.) related to given technological processes.

The proposed terrain modeling with alternating production and non-production ornamental areas, water and road management, location and shaping of paved areas, small garden architecture (roads, walls, bridges, footbridges) and proposed landscaping, based on the overall assignment of the owner, respect for energy-information flows landscape monads and unequivocally anchor the overall production and orchard-architectural framework, the ideological content and the purpose of the areas they are to fulfill in the given area. It will be biologically and visually partially closed stands, fragmented, system of land organically divided into various areas fulfilling the functions and missions that are related to the overall non-invasive philosophy of management, understanding the natural space with all its perceptual levels, interactions, common non-invasive coexistence and life in space, understanding of natural space with all its perceptual levels and interactions.

The proposed garden consists of six organically interconnected parts, where in the highest western flat and terraced slope will be installed a system of solar panels (agrovoltaics) under which will be established flower beds for growing vegetables and small fruits with a dryer and processing products below. The second part consists of the central sloping area of ​​the original garden located below the level of the house, which will be modeled, created a meandering stream with ponds, connected to the existing pond, organically sown with various types of flowering meadows complemented by solitary (group) shrubs or existing trees. The third part of the garden on the north side will consist of axially, species and size balanced fruit plantations. The fourth part will consist of a forest stand stretched from the existing, forested complex of forest, which takes place in the southeastern existing part of the garden under the pond. The fifth part, located above the northern and southern lines of the access road, will consist of a combined orchard with agricultural production. The last sixth part, located above the northern line of the access road, will consist of organic fields with medicinal herbs and hives with excursion patterns.

As part of landscaping, a combination of solitary planted mature trees is designed here, supplemented by suitable solitaires, groups, climbing or covering shrubs, perennial beds, aquatic plants and extensive or intensive lawns, which define, complete and frame the area, vertical and horizontal division of areas , harmonize the energy flows on the surface and in the form of threshold and subthreshold information will have a positive effect on all perceptual levels of the observer, moving in a given time and space. The proposed landscaping is based on the given spatial and biological possibilities of the reserved place and other aspects related to the holistic architecture and philosophy of a pleasant, living natural and residential space.