Design of EKO farm Seletice

In this case, it is a complex, holistic solution of the defined area of ​​the EKO farm Seletice, based on the biodynamics of the area of ​​the landscape monad with interactions on the surrounding historical, biological and urban structures. Based on a historical survey of individual landscape structures and the current state of landscape structures (fields, pastures, forests, draws, alleys, borders, orchards, wetlands, watercourses, springs, networks, development, etc.), evaluation of management, space load and energy information potential , a balanced system of management and recreation in the area was developed. Balanced, interconnected systems have been designed for field crops, livestock and game farming, greenhouse farming, vegetable, herb and flower gardens, orchards and small fruit plantations, beekeeping, closed processing of all products, forest complexes with all related greenery, springs, wetlands, water bodies and watercourses, natural and sacral structures, paved and handling areas, terrain modeling, professional and research activities and, last but not least, the energy self-sufficiency of a closed production circuit.